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Steven Goss is a 19 year licensed insurance agent and former owner of three insurance agencies.  He now splits his time between select commercial insurance clients, working as a quote broker, building websites and managing the marketing efforts for other businesses and insurance agents as well as managing dental and medical tourism tours. 

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Steven Goss - Insurance Agent | Online Marketing | Dental and Medical Tours

Steven Goss can assist you for select Commercial Insurance programs and policies, help you with Dental and Medical Tours or with your business online marketing.

Costa Rica dental is something Steven knows about.  He saved nearly 75% on implants and crowns in 2013.  Ask Steven what he can help you do for your dental and medical needs.  Steven can assist you with Costa Rica dental and medical as well as Mexico dental and medical tourism.

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In addition to being a commercial insurance agent in select types of business insurance, Steven Goss is an insurance quote broker. Once he has enough information to help determine which company and agent might get you the best rates and policies, he can compile your information and send it to get you three, five even as many as 10 quotes to compare for FREE.

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Dental Tourism | Medical Tourism

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Dental Tourism and Medical Tourism are certainly not new concepts but might be new to most of us.  In 2013, I made the decision to go to Costa Rica when I learned that I needed three implants and several of my crowns redone.  My quote at a Frisco Texas dentist was $53,000 and was going to take up to 18 months to complete.  I was quoted $41,000 in Dallas for less work.  ClearChoice was even more!

I did a lot of internet research but ended up going to Dr. Marco Cavallini of the Cavallini International Dental Clinic in San Jose Costa Rica.  I loved them!  I took an active interest in meeting other dental patients from the United States and Canada and even met some of their dentists while I was there.  I began compiling lists of good local hotels and restaurants and before I knew it, my dental and medical tourism business was off and running.  Instead of you having to waste months of your time emailing many different clinics, searching for real former patients to get their true reviews, I decided to do that for you.  You pay the same rate for your dental work having me help you as you would on your own.  I also help you find tours, hotels and restaurants while you enjoy Costa Rica and Mexico.  Some of them may pay me a commission but your prices are the same. 

The main reason I am doing this now is I disliked the idea of paying tens of thousands of dollars to United States dentists when the work done in Costa Rica was supurb.  It was a total of $10,900 for two full weeks the first time and five visits on my second trip.  They did countless xrays and CT scans and didn't charge a dime more.  Their equipment and work was superior to any other dentist I have ever been to.  Learn more about

If you are considering dental implants, replacing dentures, get a crown or any other dental work other than just fillings, please check with Steven Goss to see what kind of major savings he can find you.


Steven Goss is now working with Self Insured businesses to reduce their health insurance costs for their employee's dental costs, knee replacements, eye surgery, countless medical procedures.  For one Dallas Texas employer, a double knee replacement was going to cost this employee $7,000 out of pocket and his employer nearly $63,000.  Steven Goss found a package that would cover the two knee replacement procedure, two weeks hotel and recovery costs, Dallas to San Jose Costa Rica airfare and still save the employer nearly $40,000 ! 

International dental and medical tourism saves both the employee and employer huge cost savings either if they are a self insured business or if they provide health insurance benefits to their employees.

Ask Steven Goss how medical tourism or dental tourism can save you or your business thousands of dollars.


Websites, Web Marketing, Online Reputation Management Services

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As a business owner, I get so frustrated by the countless emails and phone calls I get promising me they can get me in the top ten search results.  All I need to do is sign a long term contract.  How, if they call every person in the phone book and on the web doing what I do in my very large city, can we all be the top result?  It is a scam as you well know.

I want someone to promise me results.  I want them to make my phone ring and I want to make more money for my website design, search engine optimization, online reputation managemenbt and online marketing than what I spend.  Nobody would guarantee their work and results.  I will.

I will build your website or websites, I will promote them.  I will add content to them.  I will manage user reviews for you.  I will even do your email marketing to clients if you want.  I will work your business like I work my own.  I really don't care if my websites are the prettiest, have tons of hits, all I want is for them to make me money as should you.  I have never had a class for website design, I am self taught. 

I have one website, that took me about two hours to build one day.  I spend $183 a year on it an it has made me anywhere from $38,000 to $60,000 per year going on seven years.  It is not fancy, it is even kinda hokie, but I am not going to mess with something that is one of if not the top website for tow truck insurance in competitive state such as Texas and Oklahoma. It is about limited investments with high rates of return! 

Find out more about my website design, seo services, online reputation marketing, content marketing and social media implentation.



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