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Commercial Insurance Agent / Dental & Medical Tourism Facilitator

Commercial Insurance Agent - Focus on Tow Truck Insurance, Bar & Tavern Insurance, Trucking and Transportation Insurance.

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Steven Goss is a 20 year licensed insurance agent and former owner of three insurance agencies.   His insurance focus now is marketing insurance quotes and leads for business insurance, commercial insurance, home and auto insurance for over 500 insurance companies in most all states through other licensed insurance agencies. 

Steven Goss Travel sells cruises, vacation packages and is a dental and medical tourism facilitator. 

In January 2015, Steven Goss now has added dealer take off Tires and Wheels for sale, as well as take off bumpers, hitches, Chevy headlights and other parts including take off Jeep parts.  All current inventory is off 2015 models before they leave the dealership.

Steven Goss - Commercial Insurance Quotes, Tow Trucks, Dental Vacations

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In addition to being a commercial insurance agent in select types of business insurance, Steven Goss can compile your information and send it to many companies and or agents depending on what state you live in and what you are needing.
  GO HERE to input you information so Steven Goss can help you insure your business at no cost to you..

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Contractors for insurance purposes are electricians, roofers, plumbers, mason and tile, carpenters, homebuilders, general contractors and subcontractors, HVAC heat and air, carpet cleaning and janitorial and other artisian contractors.

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Business Insurance Quotes

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Steven Goss for Dental Tourism | Medical Tourism Vacations

           Costa rica dental prices cancun dentist prices       Costa Rica Dentist Cancun Dental prices           

Dental Tourism and Medical Tourism vacations were certainly new to me but not the 500,000 Americans that will travel outside the United States for Dental and Medical procedures in 2014. It is no longer just for the rich.

 In 2013, I made the decision to go to Costa Rica when I learned that I needed three implants and several of my crowns redone.  My quote at a Frisco Texas dentist was $53,000 and was going to take up to 18 months to complete.  I was quoted $41,000 in Dallas for less work.  ClearChoice was even more!

I did a lot of internet research but ended up going to Dr. Marco Cavallini of the Cavallini International Dental Clinic in San Jose Costa Rica.  I loved them!  I took an active interest in meeting other dental patients from the United States and Canada and even met some of their dentists while I was there.  You pay the same rate for your dental work having me help you as you would on your own.  I also help you find tours, hotels and restaurants while you enjoy Costa Rica or Mexico.   I now know where to stay, where and what to eat, where to go have fun.

Price Quote Crown Implant denture Costa Rica

Three implants and 19 crowns later I was done.  I did the two stage implants so I had to go back six months later but it is the wise choice instead of the instant load implants.  It was a total of $10,900 for two full weeks the first time and five visits on my second trip.  They did countless xrays and CT scans and didn't charge a dime more.  Their equipment and work was superior to any other dentist I have ever been to.  Learn more about

If you are considering dental implants, replacing dentures, get crowns or any other dental work other than just fillings, please check with Steven Goss to see what kind of major savings he can find you.

I am a 20 year insurance agency owner that believes so much in this, I am putting all of my personal experiences for you to see and learn from.  If you would like for me to coordinate your dental vacation or medical vacation, please call or contact me today. - Steven Goss
Steven Goss is now working with Self Insured businesses to reduce their health insurance costs for their employee's dental costs, knee replacements, eye surgery, countless medical procedures. 
International dental and medical tourism saves both the employee and employer huge cost savings either if they are a self insured business or if they provide health insurance benefits to their employees.

Ask Steven Goss how medical tourism or dental tourism can save you or your business thousands of dollars.


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