Steven Goss 
Commercial Insurance Agent / Dental & Medical Tourism Facilitator

Commercial Insurance Agent - Focus on Tow Truck Insurance, Bar & Tavern Insurance, Trucking and Transportation Insurance.


Steven Goss is a 19 year licensed insurance agent and former owner of three insurance agencies.  He now produces commercial insurance through Champion Commercial Insurance Agency, LLC of Dallas Texas for select commercial insurance accounts.

Welder Insurance

Welder and Welding Insurance Program

Welder insurance can cover both welding and cutting general liabilty.  We have several different programs for welders needing insurance.  Some basic program information for some of the recent welding insurance accounts we have written in Texas and Oklahoma is shown below.  Your policy may vary depending on your location, what you do and what endorsements for welding insurance you need.  We insure welders in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arizona, Nevada and Florida.

Type of Welding Insurance Needed

Oil Field including up to 50% over the hole

Oil Field Service Welding - no over the hole exposure

General Welding

( no hitches or structual for buildings)


$1,000,000  Per Occurance General Liability

$2,000,000 General Aggregate

Blanket Additional Insured Included
Blanket Waiver of Subrogation Included

$1,000,000  Per Occurance General Liability

$2,000,000 General Aggregate

$1,000,000 Per Occurance General Liability

$2,000,000 Aggregate

Prices and Location

$1942 Per Year Total

$1,745 Per Year Total

$1,250 Per Year